Silicons is made by Sil van Diepen, hence then name.

I am Sil, a frontend developer and illustrator and I was inspired by different icon sets and techniques. It started as a challenge to make an iconset, which is easily useable without any actual images or fontstyles. The challenge turned into an actual usuable library as you can see here.

Way more icons will be added, but I need time!

In use

As far, there are no actual live projects live using this iconset, hope soon there will be some. From my hand there will be, but if you know any or build something yourself. Please let me know!

Can you make..

Ofcourse I can! Please send me an email and I can see what I can do.

Wanna support me?

If so, that would be awesome! Anything will do. I hope I can make more and more time for projects like this and be better and help people. If you help, I will make an on request for sure!


Do you have any requests, questions, wanna get in touch? Please do! Send me an me@silvandiepen.

the end..